Corey Taylor attended NXT Aftershock, on Sunday, and got involved in the action when NXT's Baron Corbin taunted Corey Taylor, shoving him and saying "Slipknot ain't nobody in my house."

Corey Taylor may have made an enemy out of Baron Corbin, but he also made friends with Samoa Joe.

We all know, what we think we know, about pro wrestling, but if Corey Taylor: the man who hates everything, can play along, then so should you.

On a side note, ether I am going crazy, or the WWE is using me, ether that our the universe is trying to tell the WWE something.

In 2012, Bob the 86er and I, started a WWE review web series that we called "The Real American Wrestling Critics."

1 year later, Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger form "The Real Americans."

I developed a comedy bit, for Youtube that I called "Good News, Bad News."

In the same year, WWE Superstar Wade Barrett, is repackaged as "Bad News" Barrett.

I recently interviewed, former NXT Champion Neville.

And before that, Flounder had interviewed Corey Taylor, but we could only use the audio of that interview, so I volunteered the use of my new kittens, because people love kittens, and Corey Taylor, and we all know how well Slipknot and kittens go together.

And now Corey Taylor is involved in a NXT storyline, which is technically a WWE storyline.

My question is: Am I crazy? Or is this just all a coincidence?