The Time Union Center is hinting that Arena Football might be coming back to Albany according to the article in Times Union.

General Manager GM Bob Belber said that he was in preliminary talks to bring another Arena Football Team back to Albany. This after the bankruptcy and collapse of the AFL and the shut down of the league and the Albany Empire.

Obviously, the Capital Region loves their football....all kinds of football. Arena football has worked here in the past. Heck, it WAS working with the Empire before the rug was pulled out of under all of us.

The Albany Firebirds existed from 1990 to 2000 were very successful and then The Albany Empire showed up in 2018.

GM Bob Belber said that the earliest the Albany market could join one of the remaining indoor football leagues would be 2021. So until then....GO NEW YORK GUARDIANS! I'll wait watching the XFL.

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