Craigslist for some is an outlet for conversation. That is all fine and good but for me it is a outlet for humor. Here is what I find funny..

Honestly I wonder how many publisher's on there actually get legitimate answers. Like when you use the term "Cheeks for weeks" do you get any answers from someone under 400 lb's? I'll show you just a few of the missed connections.

Here is the link for,

Damn girl you've got cheeks for weeks! I know you know it. You always look back and smile when we pass in the hallways. We don't work for the same company but you definitely brghten up that drab office.

Let me know what floor if you think it's you.

Now this next one is throwing me for a loop, dude, what do you mean?

You danced for me twice and I promised I would choke you but had to leave before you could slip me my number. Reach out to me here so we can make that happen.

Reply with where we were and the color of the special shoes you put on for me.

I doubt he is getting an answer, she just wanted your singles.... No she isn't single. She wants your ones...

Of course we need a dude looking for a junk swinger.

Noticed u few days ago throwing out your junk in apt complex. Was in car so u Prolly didn't see me checking out your JUNK swinging in your shorts. Needless to say I was impressed so wrote post but trying again and if u have any interest in letting me get a closer look then get at Me.Jus tell me name of complex or bldg u drove to so I Know it's you.Ur Very Big Handsome Brown Skinned Dude.

See, these things don't exactly catch my eye. But too each their own. If this is you please respond to them kindly.