I'm never late for work because I am a perfect employee.  (I'm currently job seeking, what if they Google my name?  This is what they'll find!)  :)  However, I have heard some outlandish excuses from others for being late.  What are some excuses you've thought up?

I found an article online about crazy excuses that people have made for being late to work.  The "excuses" that the author of the article stated actually seemed like fathomable reasons to be late to work for me, she probably does lead an extremely boring life as she had hinted.

Some of those excuses that she had listed were:

"My cat attacked me."  She thinks that's crazy?  My cat had attacked me more times than I can count, leaving me scarred and afraid to walk around the house too quickly, heavily, or pantless.  I kid you not, those were all grounds for cat attacks.  Legit reason in my book.

“My car was inhabited by a hive of bees and I couldn’t use the car for two hours until bees left.”  Fathomable!  If I found even one bee in my car, I wouldn't go near that thing until days after the exterminator paid a visit!  You don't mess with bees within a confined area.

“My Karma is not in sync today.”  Isn't it the truth?  I feel this way every day.  Now, don't you want me to take the extra 10 minutes in the morning to center myself instead of coming in to work stabbing every a-hole in the eye with a pen and shooting staplers as guns?

The craziest excuses on this webpage that I read were in the comments that people had left at the bottom.  One lady said that she had walked the entire way to the train station to get to work and then realized that she had forgotten to put on her skirt?!?!?  Didn't the honking horns, cat calls, and extreme breezes give you ANY indication that you were heading to work in your underwear?  Now, that is unreal.  I would not believe that one.

Check out the article for yourself:


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