Governor Cuomo is very concerned about the increase in coronavirus cases in New York. Our infection rate is over 2% for the first time in months. With this, the Governor is kicking efforts into high gear to reduce the spread again.

He announced that all UAlbany students living on campus need to submit a saliva sample to be tested for COVID-19 no later than 5:00 pm on Friday afternoon. Governor Cuomo has also ordered campus fitness centers closed until further notice. There are many more new guidelines being put into effect. You can read the entire list at News 10.

Governor Cuomo has also called up the National Guard to be stationed at New York airports to help enforce the new policy that every person landing in New York must have a negative coronavirus result from a test taken before they boarded the flight. The new policy requires travelers to submit a negative coronavirus test result from a test done within three days of flying into New York.

Now, Governor Cuomo has just announced on Friday afternoon that all students at SUNY schools all over the state will not be welcome back on campus after Thanksgiving break. Even though there are just a few weeks of school left after the Thanksgiving break students will finish their classes remotely. Cuomo is concerned that students that are traveling home for Thanksgiving will contribute to the spread of the virus. Whether or not students will return to campus in February 2021 will be decided later this year.

Also, Governor Cuomo has asked that private colleges consider following the same guidelines released today.

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