Over $100 Million Going to Fix New York Roads
A big chunk of change is going to be spent on New York roads.
$128 million to be more specific. Governor Cuomo announced the funding to help resurface New York roads, according to cbs 6 albany.  To me, this is definitely something that’s needed...
Three New Taxes Planned if Pot Becomes Legal
If marijuana becomes legal, it looks like you might have to expect at least three new taxes to go with it.
I’ve read a few things about this now, initally after seeing an article in the Times Union about a weed forum that happened this week at a local college...
Did That Just Happen? Governor Cuomo's 'Revolutionary' Speech
I'm really interested to hear everyone's thoughts on this. By this, I mean Governor Cuomo's recent speech where he basically tried to declare us independent from the federal government.
I mean, of course he didn't actually do this- we're not free of the federal government...
Albany Gets A Skit On SNL
SNL, something many people record for a pick me up to watch on a lazy Sunday. If you haven't seen. Albany had a mention here.

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