Earlier this week it looked like axe throwing establishments, or hatchet houses as the cool people say, would be forced to choose between recreational axe throwing or eating and drinking at their locations. The New York State Liquor Authority visited several axe-throwing venues and told them they could be a bar and restaurant or a sporting venue with axe throwing, but not both.

One Capital Region location actually turned in the liquor license so that customers could continue to throw axes. Another cancelled all their appointments costing them thousands. Personally, I thought it was crazy to shut down these hatchet houses, but let bowling alleys continue to operate. They are basically the same thing. My daughter and her boyfriend went bowling this past weekend and they had snacks and drinks and bowled...how is that different from eating, drinking and throwing axes....other than the obvious flying blade involved?

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Well, the good news is that the issue seems to have reached the governor's ears and things are changing soon. When Governor Cuomo made the announcement that movie theatres and pool halls could reopen on March 5th, most people focused on those two big businesses affected by the coronavirus shutdown. What they didn't notice is that in the fine print it mentioned other bar games like darts, bags, ping pong, shuffleboard, and axe throwing...yes, axe throwing. Of course, there are guidelines that establishments must follow like six feet of social distancing must be maintained between tables and lanes or physical barriers between them must be constructed. Also, players must wear masks except while eating and drinking. The establishment will also be responsible for additional cleaning between uses.

The bottom line is that it's another step, a small step, toward things getting more back to normal. Now, we've just got to lift that 11 pm statewide bar and restaurant curfew.


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