Forever sad Robert Smith, frontman for the Cure, said the working title of the band's upcoming album, '4:14 Scream,' is " ... one of those reverse psychology things, where it’s so bad it’s good."

We kind of agree with him, except maybe the "it's good" part. We've heard worse, though. It's a damn sight better than the title of Morrissey's autobiography, 'Autobiography.' How clever, Morrissey.

Smith revealed his opinion of the potential album title, along with some other juicy details, in an interview with NME. Smith talked about why this album's taken almost six years to get made, as well as what happened with the old lineup.

"The last lineup, there were a number of reasons why I felt unable to complete what we were doing," Smith said of why the band's ditching much of the material they completed with the old members. "It was impossible to just get another lineup and bang out the songs we didn’t release. It would have been wrong."

Smith also said Reeves Gabrel, who formerly played with David Bowie, is now a member of the band, adding that Gabrel was a catalyst for writing a bunch of new material. Whatever they decide to name the new album, we're definitely interested, especially with Gabrel on board.

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