On May 21, 2016 at Rock'N Derby in Schaghticoke, NY, Dan America defeated "Employee of the Month" Vinnie Martone for the Q103 World Heavyweight Championship.

Dan America had this to say after the match:

" I can not tell a lie! The power of the Hoover Dam pumps through my veins faster then a train on the Transcontinental Railroad! Because I remember the Alamo! I did not crack the Liberty Bell but I am stronger then the mighty Mississippi! There is not enough room in the Grand Canyon for the power that the Bald Eagle bestowed on me as I stood on top of Mount Rushmore to harness the power of America from sea to shining sea! For I have set foot on Plymouth Rock and followed the Oregon Trail and I did not ask what my country could do for me, but I did win the Q103 World Heavyweight Championship for America! I am not a crook, I speak softly and carry a big stick and I will defend my title for the land of the free and the home of the brave!!!!"