You're probably thinking "huh?" just like I was when I first read the headline saying Dan Aykroyd is now a sheriff. Apparently Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't the only great actor who can turn into an authoritative figure. The state of Mississippi has just sworn in its newest and most famous law-enforcer. 

Aykroyd officially became a member of the Hinds County Sheriff Dept. reserve unit in Jackson on Friday. Although the 61-year-old hails from Canada, he came to love the southern state after spending time there while filming Get On Up, a the yet-to-be-released biographical film in which Aykroyd plays Ben Bart, James Brown's manager.

Aykroyd is no stranger to the law-enforcement world, as he previously put 16 years of work into Louisiana agencies. He is excited about his new life chapter:

It's an honor to join these ranks today. I understand the challenges that law enforcement face in today's world...

I am able to go all over the world now and talk up this county, talk up this state and talk up the people of the Hinds County Sheriff's Department, Aykroyd said, and explained one of his goals is to raise money for units so cash-strapped they can't even afford ammunition for practice.

To watch the video of Aykroyd's swearing in ceremony, go here.

How do you think Dan's acting career will impact his new one?