Danica Patrick was back on a race team but this time it was for the Boston Marathon. Patrick is best known for her days behind the wheel and then half of the super-couple with NFL star Aaron Rodgers. She retired from auto racing in 2018 but on October 11th, Danica joined a new team for a different type of race.

According to the New England Patriots website, patriots.com, Patrick completed the 125th Boston Marathon, "and it's only fitting that a former race car driver ends up on a team called "The Speed of Light." As part of the Light Foundation's team, founded by former Patriot Matt Light, Patrick was on of a team of runners, raising money for the cause. The race was Patrick's first marathon, and she finished alongside her sister, Brooke, at 4:01:21 with an average pace of 9:13 per mile."

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"We Patricks can do hard things," she told WBZ’s Steve Burton at the finish line. "[Brooke] gave birth without any drugs. I drove 200 miles an hour. That's just how we're built." For Patrick, an IndyCar Series race winner, training to run a marathon totally flipped the script. She told WBZ that for racing, the upper body is most important in terms of strength."I don't need my legs much in a car," she said on patriots.com

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Danica Patrick has been a great ambassador for the sport of racing. The fact that she can run a marathon, is no surprise. Race car drivers are in incredible shape. Patrick showed she can still race with the best of them. Congratulations on a wonderful accomplishment.

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