As a geek, the original Star Wars trilogy is something of a sacred thing.  Those 3 movies started an obsession for most that they will carry to their grave.  However, creator George Lucas can't stop screwing around with them. The latest "update" is a very famous scene and a climactic moment in the final film, and he had to go and add in a stupid line.


The original Star Wars trilogy has hit Blu-Ray much to the liking of many fans across the world.  Those three films are the holy trinity of Sci-Fi movies to some.  They are even responsible for jump starting Harrison Fords career, making George Lucas a household name and giving John Williams countless jobs scoring movies.  Now if only George Lucas would stop screwing around with them.

One of the most powerful moments of the three films is the final scene when the Emperor is killing Luke Skywalker and his father, Darth Vader, just stands there and watches.  Finally something clicks in Vaders head, and he saves his son by picking up the Emperor and throwing him to his doom.   In the process of doing this Vader takes on all the energy the Emperor was throwing at Luke, and it ultimately kills him.  This is an awesome moment of movie, and one of my favorite moments in all of film. Darth says absolutely NOTHING during this part, he just turns from the dark side, to the light walks over and destroys the Emperor.  It's not quite the same in the Blur-Ray version, as you'll see in the video below.

How could George Lucas do this? That "No" is so out of place that it makes me sick.  I don't know why he feels the need to screw around with these movies, because they were perfect as is.  Unless you own an original copy on VHS you have no choice but to get the "remastered" versions released in the late 90's.  Please, please stop ruining these films Mr. Lucas.

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