Skullpoopl might be the movie I want to see the most this year.

I'm not sure a Deadpool movie would have worked before social media. Deadpool is a great character, but you kinda have to fall in love with a sociopathic merc that won't die. Something that always runs through Deadpool comics is his self awareness, mostly that he's in a comic, or to how the world would view a situation. Deadpool may what social media strives to be.

When you make a movie, you have to promote it so people will know to go see it. Most pre movie promotion is the same these days, trying to make the movie seem larger than life so you'll spend the money to see it in a theater. Deadpool is being Deadpool. Everything I've seen from this movie so far seems like they get the character, and they continue doing very Deadpool things for the marketing, which usually I hate.

Deadpool is being played by Ryan Reynolds, who has done a romantic movie or two in his day, and the movie is being released on Valentines day, so of course, all current marketing is saying that this is more or less a love story where a couple gets through cancer. Which by the way is accurate. I can't wait to see the social outrage on February fifteenth from ladies who got suckered in to seeing the movie.