Last night was my first visit to Lake George NY, and to be honest with you I look forward to returning. The place was beautiful and alive with fun and I cannot wait to return. However, there is one person in Lake George who made my first visit incredibly special. The parking official who wrote me a ticket is my new favorite human on the planet.


Dear Lake George,

Thank you so much for the the parking ticket to top off my evening. It was this single act of kindness that left me with an endless smile on my long drive home from work. I know in most cities (and by “most” I mean every other city in the world) parking on the street is free after 6 pm. But not in Lake George, no this is where you pick up the slack of everyone else. How silly of me to think that a side residential street in the early evening on week night would be free to park on. It was truly my mistake to not see the golden money making opportunity to use parking meters through all hours of the night.

I was only parked for two hours so that I could perform a job that I had been hired to do, but foolish me got greedy when wanting to park at the first spot I saw just a measly 8 blocks away from the location I was expected. This ticket has not discouraged me from returning to your city. My lesson has been learned. Next time I come to Lake George I am riding horse back and parking him EVERYWHERE. Also my horse has a very high fiber high protein diet so I hope you’re ready to write a ticket for the gifts he will leave behind.