Day Two of Travis Barker’s 9th Annual MUSINK Festival was quite the show as four bands made appearances at the OC Fair and Event Center. Nearly 6,000 people came out to see a festival that encompassed not only a wide array of bands, but also various tattoo artists from all over the world and a spectacular car show to polish it off.

The chilly night air surrounded the stadium as the first act, Spirit In The Room, hand-picked to play by Deftones, took the stage. Immediately impressed by the band’s energy and presence, the crowd pushed towards the barricade and it was evident that this was going to be a night to remember. Dressed to impress, singer and founder Dennis R. Sanders electrified the crowd with his congruent vocals and drumming. The rest of the band, in harmony with him, tore up the amphitheater and set the stage for the night’s festivities.

Continuing into the evening, a brief lineup change brought on the band Plague Vendor, who’s raucous drew fans in and spit them back out, leaving them hungry for more. The foursome had total command of the stage and all eyes upon them as the amphitheater slowly began to fill even more.

With the venue filling to its amplitude, Taking Back Sunday was the third band to mandate MUSINK’s stage on Saturday night. The crowd went wild as the act's amicably mismatched vocals, screaming guitars, and pounding drums played on through the evening. After a compelling set, singer Adam Lazzara took a moment to reflect and to tell the crowd about a time he had while growing up, listening to the Deftones during his troubled youth. He proudly told the crowd that he was now able to say, “Up next, the Deftones!”

The cool, Costa Mesa air could no longer be felt between the bodies packed to capacity as the Deftones finally took stage. The crowd was all anticipation as the darkness yielded only a visible microphone and instruments to the crowd. Without warning, Chino Moreno took center stage, with the rest of the band in tow. Stephen Carpenter, taking stage right with his guitar, left no room for error, as the distinct riff of 2013’s “Swerve City” began.

Abe Cunningham could be heard (and seen) in the back, as the Deftones pounded away into the song “Around the Fur” from their second album of the same name. With Sergio Vega on bass and Frank Delgado sampling on keyboard and turntables, they played on through the night with classics ranging from “Digital Bath,” “You’ve Seen The Butcher” and “Diamond Eyes.” Deftones even treated fans to the live debut of "Prayers/Triangles" and another new cut called “Doomed User,” presumably off of their latest album Gore, which is set to release on April 8.

With the night closing, and MUSINK 2016 coming to an end, Chino Moreno dove into the crowd, making for a memorable evening. If there’s one thing you can be sure you will get when you come to a Deftones show, it’s an unforgettable time.

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