Update: The official video featuring Axl Rose has been released!

On the "Not In This Lifetime..." tour, Guns N' Roses frequently opened their show with the theme song to the Looney Tunes and now it appears the band's adoration of the long-enduring cartoon has come full circle. While nothing has been confirmed, the clip below features what many believe to be Axl Rose's true voice representing his likeness in a new episode of New Looney Tunes and, more curiously, he sings a new song titled "Rock the Rock."

If this is indeed Rose singing, the song clip represents the first piece of new music from the Guns N' Roses legend since the 2008 release of Chinese Democracy. In the episode, Rose's tour bus gets crushed by a giant pig and he asks Bugs Bunny and crew if they know where the Civic Center is as his band, Steel Underpants, has a show that night.

The cartoon critters claim an asteroid is about to hit the Earth and that there will be no show. Rose shows off his new speakers which allow his band to "shake mountains to the ground" when played at full volume. Bugs Bunny asks the singer, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Rose nods toward his past, replying, "That I should go back to wearing a mesh jersey and a kilt onstage again?" Bugs then rallies his friends together to be Rose's backing band so they can play loud enough to destroy the asteroid, which is when the song "Rock to Rock" comes in.

It's got the hallmarks of Rose's voice, employing a multi-track vocal showcasing both his high and low ranges. Musically, it leans further into AC/DC territory than it does Guns N' Roses and it is not known if the song was intended for either band, a future solo album or specifically for the cartoon show and nothing more. Ex-GN'R bassist Richard Fortus did recently say that new music would be coming sooner than we think. Is this what he meant? Was it one of the alleged 60 leftover tracks from the Chinese Democracy sessions?

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