Yesterday my girlfriend made a good point.  It seems like we jumped right over spring into summer.


There is no denying that yesterday didn't feel much like an April day.  Sure we had some of those "April Showers" but we also had July heat.  What happened to that spring weather I look forward to after every winter?  Did mother nature decide to skip ahead?  Maybe she didn't adjust to day light savings time.

When I looked at the thermometer on my computer yesterday afternoon it read 85 degrees.  That's hot for June let alone April! The craziest thing is that 85 isn't even the hottest it's been in upstate NY.   The record temperature is 90 degrees recorded in 1990.  Not that I mind the speed up into summer or anything I was just hoping for it to be a bit more gradual.  I believe it was Q-Tease Jen who had on her facebook last night that she had to use an electric blanket on Monday and multiple fans on Tuesday. Did you know that at 7pm in Albany it was only 8 degrees cooler than it was in Orlando, FL?  Pretty crazy.


I can't really complain about the hot weather though.  The sooner we get into it the sooner we get to do some summer time stuff.  Plus the ladies clothes seem to get smaller and smaller when it gets warmer.

Watching women transition outfits from winter, to spring, to summer is like watching a butterfly come out of a cocoon.  Spread your wings and fly ladies.  I'm not going to get use  to this hot stuff though.  The way things have been, we could probably see snow this weekend.  If you happen to see mother nature, just ask her if we can keep things in some sort of order?