This morning at about 6:43 am while people were getting ready for school and work an earthquake measuring 3.1-magnitude on the Richter scale hit South Glens Falls.

The earthquake could be felt all over Saratoga County and it seems like it didn't do any damage to buildings or cause any real issues. Although it has caused a lot of water-cooler talk today. It has been described by some witnesses as a quick jolt.

I've talked to a couple of people this morning that felt the quake like Samantha that works at The Integrative Sleep Center in Baston Spa. She was brushing her teeth, getting ready for work at her apartment in Glens Falls when the quake hit and she thought something outside had exploded....she laughed and said she hoped it wasn't a neighbor apartment's meth lab or something like that...haha.

Another witness, Lynne, who works here at Q 1057's in our sales department said that when the quake hit she actually yelled at her kids to stop ruff housing. She said it felt just like her boys jumping off something in the house.

So, did you feel it this morning?

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