Sure the NY Renaissance Fair is pretty well known.  It's huge and it happens in southern New York every year. But actual Faerie festivals around New York? They're real and they happen.

I have never heard of anything like this before, aside from people talking about "RennFair" season (I think that's how the slang is spelled?).  Then, a post on caught my eye.  From the "Fairy House Festival" to the "New York Faerie Festival" to a "Fairy Magic" festival, these things are happening.

My mind is a little bit blown that this is a thing, I have to be honest.  I love cosplay, I love events like Comic-Con, I love dressing up.  But fairy festivals?  I almost feel like I need to go to one and check out the vibe.  Are these all for kids?  Are there adults that get way too into the whole fairy thing?  If you've ever been to one, let me know!  And if you want more info on the events, head here.


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