Oh, you read that right. You can now ship anyone in the country a taste of Upstate NY, in the form of some Dino BBQ.

You know how when people move away from Upstate New York and then come back to visit there is usually a couple staple foods that they have been missing and they make a pretty big point to indulge basically as soon as they get back into town? In my time in Upstate New York one such staple always seems to be Dinosaur BBQ.

Well, now your friends and family don't have to wait until vacation to get a taste of home because Syracuse.com is reporting that Dinosaur BBQ has teamed up with a company called Goldbely, an online service that sells cooked meals from local and regional restaurants to customers throughout the country.

Which means you can send fully cooked (then sealed and frozen) Dino BBQ to anyone, anywhere in the country! I should tell you that the meal packages aren't exactly cheap, they will run you somewhere between $119 and $139 but they will feed anywhere from four to eight people and you can choose from ribs, chicken, pork shoulder or beef brisket. That comes with sides like chili or Dinosaur BBQ beans (sorry, the cornbread is not available, yet). The frozen meals come with reheating instructions and of course bottles of Slathering BBQ sauce and Mop Sauce, because what would a meal from Dino be without the sauce?!?!

If you know someone that would be pumped to receive a taste of home and would like to place an order you can do so at any time of course depending on when it needs to arrive there are a couple different delivery rates and times you can choose from.

Who will you be sending BBQ too?