Did you go to the Candlebox/Hinder concert? For me it was “the Candlebox concert” because I couldn't remember who Hinder was (I have a horrible time connecting bands that formed after I left high school to their songs...something about that whole memory association thing, I think), and I didn't get a chance to refresh my memory before we went.

Plus, Candlebox is, like, my all time favorite band. Kevin Martin is full of soul, and sexy as hell. There's just something about a man who is not afraid to be who he is, even when the world is shining a spotlight on him.

Of course, Candlebox isn't the only reason M and I went. We got to meet some of our really good friends from Twitter face-to-face for the first time ever, which was awesome. And as a bonus, while Hinder was on, I managed to snag Wes Styles and meet him for the first time in person, so that was cool, too.

What was not cool was realizing how badly the Capital Region needs sex education. Especially those of us in the 18-50 age range. Maybe a free refresher course held by the Department of Health is in order.

I'm not joking.

So as you know, Jared Weeks, from Saving Abel, was covering for Hinder's lead singer because Austin Winkler left the tour due to “personal reasons.” And at some point during the show, Jared says, “We write songs about coitus.”

It was absolutely silent.

Jared, genius that he is, picked up on the fact that no one knew what coitus was, and said, “We write songs about F---ING!” and the crowd went wild.

Capital Region, this is a travesty.

I mean, okay. "Coitus" is kind of a neglected word, and by the time Hinder was on, pretty much everyone but the designated drivers was wasted. But when a 17-year-old knows what “coitus” means and the of-age crowd is clueless, you gotta wonder what else is going on in their bedrooms. Are we all foregoing birth control while “making love” in missionary position with the lights off?

Well, I mean, I'M not. My baby-maker is permanently out of commission, and I own over $3,000 in sex toys. What's in your closet?

Bee tee dubs, I did finally realize who Hinder was. They put on a kick-ass show. And naturally, while they were on stage, I sang loudest when they did Saving Abel's Addicted because coitus. We had a great time. See ya at the next show!