Prepare to break out your tissues, as we tell you the heart-wrenching story of two billionaires being unbelievably petty toward one another.

The culprits: Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys; and Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots. The location: an NFL owners meeting in New York City. The topic: the contract of NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell.

The story: as ridiculous, and as funny, as it gets for football fans everywhere.

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NFL Owners Jones, Kraft Nearly Fist-Fight at Owners Meeting in New York

A story came to light in The New York Post and other news outlets about an exchange that happened between Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft while at an NFL Owners Meeting in at the NFL League Office in New York City.

The owners were in the midst of voting on a few ordinances in the NFL, when the topic of Commissioner Roger Goodell was brought to the table. Owners were asked to vote on whether the league's compensation committee could open negotiations with Goodell on a new contract.

Detroit Lions v New England Patriots
Robert Kraft / Getty Images

Owners cast their respective votes, and the votes were tallied. The amount of votes saying yes, the league could negotiate with Roger Goodell? 31 owners.

Keep in mind, however, that there are 32 teams, and therefore, 32 owners in the National Football League. The one naysayer, who voted against the league's proposal to negotiate, was in fact Cowboys' owner, Jerry Jones.

Jones would later elaborate that his issue wasn't with the commissioner getting a new contract. Rather, Jones took issue with the way that Goodell's bonuses were structured in his contract. Instead of general benchmarks being achieved, Jones wanted specific numbers to be reached by the league (in revenue and other major areas) before Goodell was further compensated.

Dallas Cowboys v Denver Broncos
Jerry Jones / Getty Images

This apparently didn't sit well with Patriots' owner Robert Kraft, or so we can assume, based on Jones' reaction. Jones reportedly told Kraft “don’t f–k with me" following the vote, to which Kraft replied by asking the logical question, "excuse me?"

Jones changed his verbiage slightly, instead telling Kraft not to mess with him in their second round of verbal sparring. Unfortunately for football, and WWE, fans everywhere, that appeared to be the end of the contention between the two.

I have all the time in the world for stories like these. Two NFL owners, rich beyond their wildest dreams, getting into near-fistfights over issues that may, dare I say, mess with their billions of dollars?

Oh, the HORRORS! Now, that is a true Halloween horror story, if I've ever read one.

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