It seems in today's day in age, everyone is out to get someone. It is apparent someone is looking to take advantage of people during a heatwave, beware.

The Colonie Police according to News 10 are warning people of a National Grid scam happening in the area. Not an actual act by National Grid, but instead a group or person portraying themselves to be National Grid. They are trying to get people to make an immediate payment.

Obviously, some could easily fall for this but before you ever give the people one ounce of information. Make sure you are actually talking about National Grid. Ask for account information that an employee would certainly have.

News 10 recommends If you are in contact with the scammer, call the police. If you question that it is National Grid, just hang up and contact the actual electric company.

I do not understand people who can take advantage of people like this. Get a damn job, be an upstanding human being and let everyone just commiserate and complain about the scorching heat from the comfort of their hopefully cool home and leave them the hell alone.