This week, some advice on how to get seen by a professional quickly and without breaking the bank...

So last week Vinnie walked into the Q studio and almost immediately asked me what the deal with my eye was? I was confused by the question because nothing felt weird to me. Turns out there was a crazy blood spot in the corner of my eye. Naturally, I gave it a quick goog and the internet said that it was probably just some broken blood vessels and it should go away eventually.

Well, it's been a week and the blood spot isn't really getting any better. In fact it has been getting much worse and today I noticed that my eye is starting to look a little droopy and feel a little goopy and I came to the conclusion that I should probably seek a professional opinion just to make sure that it a.) gets better and b.) that I don't do any permanent damage to my eye.


In my quest to see a doctor I realized that it was going to take entirely too long to get an appointment with a primary care physician and that it would cost way more than I wanted to spend to go to the emergency room. So what is a person to do in a situation such as this where you need to get seen quickly but don't want to or can't spend emergency room money? Visit the Urgent Care of course.

It got me thinking that there may be people out there that aren't aware that such a service exists so my advice for you this week is don't self-diagnose, seek professional help when suffering from an ailment. If you are looking for a and Urgent Care facility in the Capital Region I have included a map here to find one near you!