Jessica the Hudson may have scared you all with her blog about Forest Park Cemetery, however I am happy to inform you all that Albany Rural Cemetery is not creepy or scary, it's beautiful.

Chester Arthur
Getty Images

The 21st President of the United States of America, Chester A. Arthur told me himself that Albany Rural Cemetery is not haunted. He told me this one night while I was in the cemetery, why was I there at night? That is not important, not as important as the fact that our 21st President, who is referenced in "Die Hard with a Vengeance" is buried in the beautiful, majestic, Albany Rural Cemetery, it's so big and lovely it's sometimes called "The City of the dead."

I have spent many hours in this cemetery because it's 467 acres of cemetery to walk through, eventually I learned of a path through the entire cemetery that allows you to see all the sites within.

I know for a fact that Albany Rural is not haunted because it is protected by the Secret Service, Chester A. Arthur and John Van Buren, son of President Martin Van Buren, told me so.

How do I know of a secret path that will take you around the entire cemetery and where the hidden crypt and waterfall are located within the 467 acres? mind your own damn business.