I consider myself a fairly level-headed person, but there are only a few things that truly tick me off big time. This is one of them. Abusing a system that most hate being on.

In all honesty, if I ever had to survive on welfare, I would be so grateful to at least have the opportunity to survive. I wouldn't abuse it. Dozens have been arrested for different mindset than me in Rensselaer County.

District Attorney Joe Abelove had this to say according to CBS 6,

“These individuals are accused of wrongly seeking and accepting public assistance benefits that are supposed to be provided to individuals facing real struggle and stress. These arrests help ensure that these benefits are received only by those who qualify and are in the most need among us,”  - CBS 6

I so strongly stand behind the DA on this one. I have so many words I want to say but will not.

They aren't messing around either. The charges are against people who have obtained funds between $18,000 plus and some were also arrested for under $200.

Don't abuse the system!

More from CBS, and exact charges listed at this link.