Last week, I was lucky enough to fill out an application to be a bacon taster. Now have a day blocked off to head to Syracuse in August.

You know, I have been pondering a week off this summer. I think maybe I should take off the week prior and cap a vacation off in Syracuse August 18th for their bacon festival.

To make all of this better, if you want to go.. No admission fee!! I sat and wondered, how have I never heard of this?!? Well, it is only the second annual one happening this year. There are dozens upon dozens of different vendors that will be on hand from Noon to 8 P.M. around Clinton Square in Syracuse. Click Here for more on the event.

I am going, are you? Listen, something like this is a great reason to get out of the Capital Region even if only for a day. Plus, its bacon, a freaking festival dedicated to bacon!