Every single day people make bad decisions.  Bringing your child to family day is a great idea, if you aren't drunk. 


In a move that would make any of us slap our palm hard against our forehead, a Stillwater man has taken the award for bad parent of the week.  According to the Times Union, 27 year old James Ellsworth III was going to family day in Stillwater.  A few problems with James's trip though.

First off he was drunk.  Second, he had a child in the car.  Third, he had no driver license.  They say three strikes and you're out.  Well these strikes are pretty big.  Ellsworth violated Leandra's Law because he was driving intoxicated with a child.  The not having a license was just an added bonus for the police.  If this is what going to Family Days is all about then count us out.  Sounds like a terrible time.