Man arrested twice in one day for allegedly stealing beer at two separate Stewart's locations on April 29. Gulp, guzzle, gulp!

Fifty-year-old Anthony T. Donofrio, a painter working in Bethlehem, allegedly walked into the Stewart's at 624 Delaware Avenue at around 3:21 p.m. and was arrested and charged with stealing a 12-pack of beer.

Donofrio appeared in front of a Bethlehem judge and was released.

That very same day, about three hours later and two miles down the road, Donofrio walked into the Stewart's at 309 Delaware Avenue and allegedly cracked open a 40. Why sipping on his 'free' 40, he then grabbed a sixer and made a b-line for the door, without paying for either.

Guess what? Donofrio was arrested again. This time though, the judge wasn't as forgiving and sent him to the Albany County Jail.