Hire me please?!?!??

I don't know how this guy managed to pull this off but can I have his job please?

The Guardian is reporting that a Spanish Civil Servant didn't show up to work for at least six years (and possibly as many as 14 years) and nobody seemed to care to notice!

So not only did this guy manage to get paid for a ridiculous number of years for doing nothing, the only reason anyone found out about his absence is because they were trying to rewarded him for "20 years of loyal and dedicated service!"

You're killin' me smalls!

Via USA Today, it seems as though the guy was supposed to be supervising the construction of a water treatment plant but the water treatment plant thought that the city council was in charge of him, and the city council thought the water treatment plant was in charge of him. They guy himself admitted to not showing up to work saying that they gave him a job with basically no duties to do as result of his social politics so instead he became "an avid reader of philosophy and an expert on the works of Spinoza" (who happens to be the Spanish Mayor that made taking an afternoon nap the law).

So his punishment for not showing up to work for 6-14 years ... roughly a $30,000 fine which equals about one year's salary and is all that they could legally reclaim.


13 years PAID for doing NOTHING.

Again, how do I apply?!?!? Also, who wants to move to Spain? Siesta anyone?!?