I have been board before, but never has the thought to cram a couple of giant hairy spiders in my mouth never crossed my mind. Check out this bro just sticking tarantulas in his mouth like nobody’s business.

“What’s this? The star of that David Arquette film, ‘8 -legged freaks’? By George I think I’m going to stick it in my mouth. Hmm, I wonder if I can fit more tarantulas in my mouth.”

Are we ate a point in life when it’s all about the Likes? Will people do anything to get some internet fame? I mean I kind of like it because that gives me more things to blog about but tarantulas? What’s next you’re going to roll up a snake and stick it in your face too? … What’s that? He did what? That’s it I quit!

Hey Kim, you really want to "break the internet" try sticking a couple of these in your gullet.

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