Eddie Vedder has released a solo single called “Long Way,” the first song from his upcoming album Earthling.

With shades of country rock and Tom Petty-like phrasing, “Long Way” finds Vedder stretching his musical boundaries. Lyrically, the singer describes characters facing haunting regrets, looking back at parts of their life which can never be changed.

“He can’t escape the timeline, so much worse than he had feared / Lived every moment, wishing the past would disappear,” the grunge icon sings towards the end of the first verse, before reaching the track’s chorus: “He took the long way / On the freeway / He took the long way / On the freeway.”

Vedder’s guitar work shines brightly roughly halfway through the track, as the rocker opens things up for a solo that begins subdued before erupting in strength.

Listen to “Long Way” in the video below.

Vedder collaborated with Andrew Watt on the track, the Grammy award winning producer whose long list of credits includes work with Ozzy Osbourne, Post Malone and Miley Cyrus.

“Long Way” and the soon to be released song “The Haves” are part of a limited-edition 7-inch vinyl, available to pre-order now via Pearl Jam’s Ten Club.

Speaking of Pearl Jam, the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers will be playing a handful of festival dates in September and October. Notably, Vedder will perform a solo set at the Ohana festival on Sept. 25, while Pearl Jam headline the event's next night.

Vedder also recently contributed eight new compositions for the soundtrack to the Sean Penn film Flag Day.

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