Well the dynamics surrounding the lawsuit against Soundgarden seem to be getting nasty, as now Chris Cornell's daughter and Eddie Vedder's wife have apparently jumped in.

Last week, I posted about Chris Cornell's widow, Vicky, suing Soundgarden over royalty fees and the rights to songs that Cornell had recorded prior to his death.  You can read more about the lawsuit at that post here.

It looks like things are heating up between the Soundgarden-Cornell camps however (and unfortunately).   Alternative Nation recently posted two stories, about the back and forth between social media statements made by Eddie Vedder's wife, as well as Vicky and Toni Cornell's harsh responses.

According to Alternative Nation, there's a couple things going on, via social media, and it just seems a mess.  Good luck keeping up.  Here's my summary to make it easier:

Jill Vedder, wife of Eddie Vedder, posted some emoji's that seemed supportive of a statement made by Matt Cameron, which included a Gandhi quote about ultimately winning.  Toni Cornell responded in a seething way [you can see the quote here] accusing Jill Veder of hating Chris Cornell, not liking his posts, and warned her not to use Chris to hurt her mother Vicky.  She then went on making some kind of threats about posting things "straight from the mouths of PJ and my dad" with some harsh hashtags accusing her of bullying children and widows.

It gets worse.  Alternative Nation then reported that Jill Vedder posted Cher's "Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves" with a comment about her 'mood', that got a laughing emoji response from Matt Cameron.  Then it looks like Cornell's widow Vicky chimed in from there, also posting a quote by Gandhi and some statements really with the sentiment of strong women being feared.  At least that's what I got from it.

IT DOESN't STOP THERE.  Then, apparently Matt Cameron had made claims that Cornell's widow has control of the Soundgarden instagram page, and blocked him from Chris Cornell's official page.  Cornell's daughter Toni again responded to that.  She even went so far as to claim that if one is to be locked out, they have to be 'in' in the first place which she accused he hasn't been all these years [see the quotes here].

I can't even go further with all of this.  I honestly feel like first of all, everyone needs to step away from social media. Seriously.  A big old-fashioned "Time Out" for all of them.  Let the lawyers do what they do.  Also, I really feel for the daughter in general, just being sucked into all of this.  Sure she's posting stuff, but she's also a child.  The girl's only 15 and shouldn't have to be dealing with the business matters and petty arguments of adults.


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