Well, that little phrase ‘small world’ sure says it all in this story huh? 

Given the sheer number of women Tiger Woods allegedly bedded during his marriage to Elin Nordgren, it shouldn’t come as a total shock that Nordgren’s new boyfriend, Jamie Dingman, used to date one of Tiger’s mistresses.

TMZ is reporting that before Dingman hooked up with Nordgren he dated Rachel Uchitel, who was the first woman linked to Woods during the golfer’s rapidly-escalating infidelity scandal of late 2009.

In fact, the website reports that Uchitel was dating Woods and Dingman at the same time. This story gets funnier and more interesting after every other sentence.

Dingman is the son of a billionaire tycoon, and Nordgren may have recieved as much as $750 million from her divorce from Woods. Part of the stipulation of getting that much cash is that she can’t tell any stories about Tiger and his cheating ways. Talk about being ‘paid off’.