The Texas House of Representatives has passed a bill raising the speed limit from 80 MPH to 85 MPH.


As if 80 MPH wasn't fast enough, Texas has passed a new bill raising that up to 85 MPH on certain roadways in the state.  Is it necessary to even go that fast unless you have decals and advertisements all over your car?  Apparently most of the state House Reps in Texas believe that it is.

Other people are concerned because when you raise the speed limit you increase the chance for accidents.  Plus isn't 80 MPH already fast enough for people?  Now this new speed limit won't be all over the state, just in certain rural areas.  House reps against the bill said that people were already pushing past 80 MPH and will now with out a doubt push past this new one.  So if you have a heavy foot, you may want to take a little road trip to Texas and have some fun.

I know most are concerned with accidents but my biggest fear is the increase in time travel.  It is a known fact that when you hit 85 MPH you travel back in time.  I'm worried about the butterfly effect. If some hillbilly from Texas travels back in time and accidentally kills George Washington before he crossed the Delaware, we might all be speaking with an accent, eh Govna'?  Oh bloody hell, it's all ready happening.