Halloween Kiss House Rivals Guilderland’s ‘Abbey Road’
Halloween may be over, but there are still some rocking decorations that need to be celebrated.
I have to admit. The Beatles tribute house in Guilderland was possibly one of the coolest things I saw this year.  Any rock-themed Halloween idea automatically wins to me...
Dead Bull Shark Reportedly Found in Lake
While here in NY, we've recently experienced some sewage issues in our local bodies of water, another part of the country stumbled upon decomposing bull shark remains in a lake. Yes, you read hat right- a BULL SHARK in a lake. According to a new article by the Times Union, a 25 year old man was four…
Male Version Of Hooters In Texas (Video)
A male version of Hooters is opening in Dallas, Texas of all places, and now I think I have to move to Dallas so I can get in line for a application before Eric Zane does. However I do feel that I am ahead of the game with image I found for this Blog.

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