We're happy to have the warmer weather but with that comes ticks and apparently, we're facing a "tick explosion" for 2019.

I've luckily never been bit by a tick but I know friends (and pets) who have and it's something that I'd like to avoid at all costs, if possible! It didn't make me extremely happy, though, when I saw Delish.com reporting that we should expect a "tick explosion" this year.

Dr. Thomas Mather, Director of the University of Rhode Island’s tick-borne disease center, said that we should expect higher tick counts this summer throughout the entire country. Tick season is generally from April until October and apparently, because of the bizarre weather patterns, their numbers are up this year.

Want to keep the ticks off? First, you can keep out of highly wooded areas. If you do spend time there, make sure you cover your body with longer clothes. You can always buy bug sprays but still, make sure you constantly do checks for ticks because they won't stay in the wooded areas, they're just more prevalent there.

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