Scammers keep getting more and more creative with the lengths they go through to try and get personal information. This time they are meddling with the United States Postal Inspection Service to try and make you believe they are the ones contacting you. This is another scam to try and get you to send money or give up personal information.

So far many residents in the Troy area have been receiving texts and calls that look legit from postal inspectors. These texts and calls are saying that the residents need to send gift cards or money and personal information or they will be arrested according to News Channel 13. The scammers have even gone to the extremes of sending a picture of an arrest warrant with the person they are contacting's name on it.

The United States Postal Inspection Service wants residents to know that they will never ever call or text anyone to ask for personal information or money in any form to avoid arrest.

Even though these have been popping up in Troy, officials say it is imperative that everyone is aware and on their toes in the Capital Region. If you have received calls or texts similar to these you are to report them to the United States Postal Inspection Service by emailing them or call 877-876-2455.

If you email, include a copy of the suspicious text and put it in the email, provide your name, a screenshot of the message showing the phone number of where it came from, and the date it was sent. Also, include if you lost money, gave personal information, or if your credit was affected.

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