If a concert is sold out and someone, who doesn't look too legit, tries to sell you some tickets outside of said concert - rule of thumb, don't buy them! Even worse, if someone is selling them on Craigslist - don't buy them either!

At least twelve people were fooled by a con artist outside SPAC this past weekend for Dave Matthews Band's two night stand.

Bryan David, 16, has been charged as an adult with Scheme to Defraud, Possessing a Forged Instrument and Petit Larceny for selling forged tickets to this past weekend's concerts.

He was arrested after an area women met up with to purchase tickets. The meeting place was Colonie Center Mall and upon realizing the tickets weren't legit, she contact mall security who apprehended David.

Unfortunately for several other victims of David, they arrived at SPAC for the concert thinking they were getting in; only to be turned away due to the fake tickets.

David has since posted bail and returned to the Bronx, where he is from.