Heads up Capital Region, Daylight Savings Time is this weekend!

On this weeks Free Advice Friday we have a  helpful little reminder for you so you don't end up showing up to work an hour earlier than you need to because lets be honest, no one wants to be at work if they don't have to be right?

Daylight savings time is something we experience twice a year here in the Capital Region. Each time it happens there are pros and cons to the time change. This time around sure we get and extra hour of sleep (or if you're lucky an extra hour at the bar) but the downside to that is for the next 5 months we essentially live in total darkness seeing as a good portion of us are stuck in a building from 9 to 5.

You know what though, as much as I do love me some sunlight I may equally love me some sleep so I'll take the extra hour. On this weeks Free Advice Friday we just wanted to make sure that you don't spend that extra hour at work so you might want to remember to change those clocks Saturday night (November 5th at 2am if you want to get technical)!