A couple months ago,  Gold's Gym had a deadly incident take place after a 32 year old man, Chad Brothers, was tased to death in the Latham branch. Brothers was on a roid rage rampage and horrible PCP trip, which was later proven in his toxicology report. He was destroying the gym and was uncontrollable. He also managed to injure a police officer during the incident, so as a result, he was tased several times.  Long story short, the man went crazy and is now dead.

Now, the family wants to sue the the Town of Colonie for what happened at Gold's Gym. Excuse me, the man was on PCP. People eat babies and rip their own skin off on that crap. Why the hell would anyone be sick enough to take that. It was reported "Witnesses told police Brothers had punched one man in the face, and was huffing back and forth in and out of locker rooms, even crawling down the stairs on all fours." He caused all this damage to a gym people pay a lot of money to attend (including me) and injured innocent people. But it's the Town of Colonie's fault?

Seriously, admit Brothers had a problem. He was going to snap sooner or later. They are lucky he didn't kill anyone.  Do me a favor: Stop taking your son's drug problems out on the Town of Colonie (aka tax payers dollars).

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