Major League Baseballs biggest scumbag has finally decided to hang it up after failing yet another drug test.


For the longest time I have been disgusted by Manny Ramirez.  The way he carries himself as a person and a player is nothing but an insult to the sport of baseball.  Yesterday after failing another drug test he had finally decided to call it quits and walk away from the game.  It really is too bad because when he played in Cleveland he really had potential.  His arrogance has totally gotten in the way of his success.

I think most people would put Barry Bonds up as the poster child of baseballs "steroid era" but I make a strong case for Manny.  The dude has continually failed test after test.  When was he not on PEDs (performance enhancing drugs)?

A lot of his former teammates were talking about how good he was looking at spring training this year, unfortunately it wasn't because he was working hard, it's because he was juicing up.  According to ESPN's baseball analyst Buster Olny, Manny will not be making the hall of fame.  For a long time people thought he would be a shoe in as a first ballot hall of famer, now Olny says that most of the people who vote would never cast a vote for Ramirez.  Congratulations Manny on a totally wasted career.  This song is for you.