How annoying are telemarketers? What's more annoying is that the FCC knows about them, also dislikes them, but they can't do anything about it - until now.

According to WTEN, robocalls are the number one complains that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) gets. Apparently, in July of this year alone, five billion robocalls were made, adding up to an increase of almost 900 million calls from last year. The problem is, the FCC can't do anything about them because technically that would be infringing on free speech.

There's a new company that's trying to fight back called RoboKiller (on both iOS and Android). The way it works is through "audio fingerprinting, machine learning and artificial intelligence to determine if a call coming in is a robocall." If they determine that it is, the app will answer the call for you and pretend to be a real person to waste the scammer's time.

Is it foolproof? Probably not, but RoboKiller was highly-rated, the number one app by the FCC, and hopefully, this problem will be brought up again this legislative year.


One month costs $9.99 and a year ends up costing $5.83/month but they do offer one week free to give it a try!

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