God Bless Homer: 88-Year-Old Hometown Hero
Homer LaVoie from Schodak is an 88-year-old Navy Vet who told us he was aboard the USS Great Sitkin during the Korean War in the 50s.
He also shared some other wonderful things about his long and storied life when Chrissy and I called to inform him that he was being honored as the Hometown…
Free Fishing This Weekend
If you have ever wanted to try out fishing or you just want to grab your pole and go, this weekend it's free across New York state.
You Probably Won't Get That Equifax Money
Recently there was a major settlement due to a breach from Equifax. You could choose from up to one hundred twenty-five dollars or three years of credit monitoring. Now they are saying you should have chosen the monitoring because you may never see that money.

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