Driving a delivery truck full of packages with the back door open while all the boxes fly out seems like a great way to start the day.I am on the fence with the guy who made this video. On one hand he did flag down the FedEx driver and notify him of the mistake. but, on the other hand he took the time to make a snarky video that he could post and pull the old "Gotchya" on this poor stressed out holiday season driver. On second thought, non i'm not on the fence. I hate this guy behind the camera!

This truck driver wasn't intentionally acting like an insubordinate jack-hole. This guy just made a giant mistake and is trying t now fix it. How about next time you see something insanely wrong in the world skip the part where you think "man i better get this on my iphone" and just help the situation. Perhaps then maybe humanity and Christmas can be saved.

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