I am seeing so many "First Day Of School" pics, I am surprised that no one has coined the phrase "Schoolie" but I am not disappointed, but I am disappointed that I can not remember my first day of school.


I can remember Stephanie Tanner's first day of school, I can remember Forrest Gump & Forrest Gump Jr's first day of school, but I can not remember my own, and if I think hard enough I can probably remember more fictional character's first day of school.

I am starting to get jealous of all the pictures I am seeing on Facebook, of kids on their way to their first day of school, it's making me want to go to my folks and dig up my first day of school photograph.

The only memory I have of my first day of school is tucked away somewhere in a photo album, it's not on my wall, or my parents Facebook wall, it's hidden away in an antique. If I want to see it, I have to embark on a journey, a journey through the past, because I don't know which photo album it is in, or where in the album it would be.

I don't think it is fair that today's generation can relive or share the timeless experience of their first day of school at the click of a mouse or touchpad, when I have to dig through years of family memories that are guaranteed to make me cry.

What's worse, is that I just may have settle on replacing my memories of my first day of school, with a fictional characters experience, because I can't remember, I can only remember 3, I don't want to be a Gump or a Tanner.

Even if I try really hard to remember, all I can remember, is the taste of crackers and juice.

Anyway, share your kids first day of school with us.


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