I know it's November, but I'm still not ready.

Listen I am well aware that we live in the North East and that snowfall is inevitable. The fact that we have made it to November without any snowflakes yet is almost an anomaly. To be honest, since moving to the East Coast I couldn't imagine the holidays without snow anymore and once fall hits I kind of miss it, you know, besides all the layers and shoveling and such.

However, once the cold sets in and the snow starts to fall, I begin to feel like I am not ready for winter at all. Then when the snow really starts to pick up steam I get over it pretty quickly. Well, like it or not, winter (and snow) is coming. As proven today when parts of the Capital Region saw their first snowflakes of the season.

When I saw the Dancing Farmer from Sharon Springs going live with video of the flakes falling on his farm and then looked at my weather app and saw that Albany may see some snowflakes tonight I had an initial feeling of dread. Then that childlike excitement followed thinking about frolicking in the snow and then warming up with a hot toddy and bowl of soup. But then the dread came back when I started thinking about those big storms we got last year and how parking in the snow in the city sucks let alone getting up early to dig your car out and get to work.

Whether you like it or not, the snow is coming. Luckily besides a few flakes here and there tonight and on the 20th, it looks like the Capital Region may have a little time until the first real accumulation. However, it might be time to start busting out all the snow gear so you can be prepared for when it comes!