Let's be honest, sometimes it's really hard to find great gifts for everyone on your Christmas list. However, if you've got a Classic Rock fan on your list here are a few items to put under their tree this year.


Everyone needs a hook to hang their coat, their towel or even their guitar. Here are some really cool guitar headstock hooks.

When it comes to black t-shirts you can't have enough. Just ask my wife...it's practily all I own. This is one of my favorites.

Do you know what time it is? It's time to rock and there's no better way to tell time than on a classic album that's been laser cut into a cool rock clock.

Speaking of guitars. Here's a great calendar of vintage guitars. Even if the person that you're giving this to doesn't actually play guitar they will love this calendar. Guitars are a piece of art and now you can look at a different one every month of the year.

Whether you fill it with popcorn, candy or leftover quaaludes from the last Aerosmith concert these vintage albums made into bowls are just plain cool.

There you go. Some great gifts for the classic rocker on your list. If you have more of a budget wait until later this week and I'll give you some more extravagant gift ideas.

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