There's nothing wrong with being festive for the holidays.  I for one sequester all of my holiday cheer for Halloween, though I do get in to the Christmas spirit for a quick minute- usually when I'm listening to my homemade Punk Rock Christmas play list.  But let's face it- not everyone is festive.  Some people straight out hate the holiday cheer.  But even a Grinch is part of the holiday spirit- so for the inner prankster, punk, class clown, or Grinch, here's a few ways act on your inner devious spirit.


  • 1

    Rip the Paper

    Presents all beautifully wrapped under the tree?  How about a casual walk by, gracing the wrapping paper as you go...ripping it to expose JUST enough of the gift that the surprise is spoiled

  • 2

    Bite the Cookie

    Cookies and milk all set up perfectly for Santa?  How about taking that cookie on Christmas Eve, taking a bite, and slowly saying "now Santa's not going to come....." before walking away

  • 3

    Use your Logic

    Fireplace stoked? Maybe being used to roast some chestnuts with the family while holiday music is playing.  How about chiming in with the fact that Santa can't come down a chimney with the fireplace going without suffering some sort of second or third degree burns....

  • 4

    The 'Fake Lottery Ticket'

    I've seen this one actually done at the holidays.  It's that prank where someone gets a scratch off lottery ticket, scratches it off, thinks they've won a ton of money, and it turns out to be a prank.  I don't know where to buy the prank tickets, but it's hilarious (unless it happens to you).  And totally Grinch-worthy.

    ...(and really, if you want to win money, just tune in to Q103 for our contests and giveaways!)

  • 5


    Get someone, or everyone, something nice. Even if it's just an "I'm sorry" after all of your awesome pranks. Because seriously, even the Grinch has his heart grow a ton of sizes by the end of the movie (though logically, that's not healthy and he would have to see a doctor if his heart all of a sudden started growing...)