In another hit to Capital Region transportation, another big local cab company announced it's closure.

The first hit, which happened not long ago, was when Black & White announced suddenly that they were done. Well, now Capitaland Taxi is following suit.  News Channel 13 reported that after 42 years, Friday night was the company's last in business.

Similar to complaints related to Black & White's closure, competition and higher insurance costs were mentioned as a reason for the company's closure.  The impact of ride sharing services and healthcare transportation services have also been mentioned as reasons for the shut down of these long-standing companies.

That puts a lot of people out of business here in the Capital Region.  A lot of drivers without a cab.  A lot of people needing to figure out new rides.  Local businesses such as hospitals who relied on Capitaland trying to figure out who to turn to next.  It may just seem like another business closure, but transportation impacts so much of the Capital Region.  It's sad to see them go.

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